Sali Merino Wool Snood

Sali Merino Wool Snood


I am pleased to introduce my snoods made from the millwoven blanket fabric. In a bid to reduce waste they are made from the same fabric as my blankets and were designed to minimise fabric waste. They are superb in this windy weather. The snoods are structural and cosy, and I have been loving hiding behind mine.

All of the textiles are designed and sampled on a handloom in my North London home. The fabric is woven in Bristol by a micro mill with only a small amount produced in each colour.

My travels around the UK coastline inspired the Coastal Collection. From the shapes and colours of the beach huts at Whitstable to the textures of the pebbles found on St Ives beaches, the shapes and subtle layers of colour never fail to inspire me.

100% merino wool

50 cms x 80 cms

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I have named all my mill woven product after inspirational women. This colourway has been named Sali in honour of the journalist, Sali Hughes.

My sister told me about her Guardian column in 2012, and I have followed her ever since. I am a skincare and makeup devotee, and Sali was the woman who introduced me to proper cleansing, serums and acids. She also convinced me to wear red lipstick and that I can love makeup and still be a feminist.

Sali often writes funny, thought-provoking articles that always resonate with me and make me think about the world and my place in it.