Handwoven Shetland Wool Glastonbury Square Cushion

Handwoven Shetland Wool Glastonbury Square Cushion


Handwoven woollen cushions inspired by a love of music festivals. Each one is designed and produced on a handloom in my London studio. It can take up to a week to set up the loom and a further three weeks to weave six metres of fabric.

Shetland wool with neon acrylic.

Cushion insert: British Sheep Wool

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I wanted this collection to show the contrast between the mud and the specific glamour of festivals. There is plenty of neon on show at these events, so that became the central theme of the designs. I wanted to show the neon peeking through the darker wool as though it was wrapping itself up against the inclement weather. The neon looking through the grey and blue cloth is also a reflection of how the more outgoing side of my personality comes to the fore at festivals. Usually a shy person, I feel at home surrounded by friends and strangers all coming together to enjoy the music and people.