Back to School

The idea for my new City Collection has slowly filled my mind over the last few years. I found myself continually looking at London’s buildings and, in particular, the blockiness of the 60’s office blocks. The colours and lines of the architecture kept leaping out at me in the form of double cloth.

A visit to Liverpool on an Autumnal September weekend in 2017 left me with a wealth of images of buildings old and new. The photos were taken in that golden hour just before sunset and the colours that were captured evoke a romantic air of cosiness and warmth.

I knew I wanted to work in cotton to produce a range of vegan products and also lightweight snoods to be worn between seasons. I have an early version that I wore through Spring, and I am happy to confirm that it works as intended. As the weather has started to turn again, the cotton snood works as a handy extra layer when I have dressed a little too optimistically.

Amanda ByCecil_still4_sq.jpg

I have been through many iterations of this idea and am slowly distilling it down into a concise collection. I have begun to weave small meterage and have been refining the colour palettes. I will be showcasing some new handwoven cotton snoods, eye masks, and eye pillows at the Muswell Hill Creatives Autumn Market on Saturday, September 28th. These will all be one of a kind, completely unique pieces. As I am still in the designing stage, I will be unlikely to repeat the warp in precisely the same way again. This is what I love most about weaving. Each warp can be tweaked and manipulated into something new and fresh each time.

I am hoping to run a crowdfunding campaign next year to raise money to upgrade to a compu-dobby loom. My idea is that the finalised version of this City Collection will be the pieces that I offer as rewards, all handwoven on my fancy new loom. The table loom I currently weave on, although I love it very much, is not practical for production weaving. I describe myself as a weaver through and through. My love of weaving is the thing that drives me forward, and I am interested in working on a bigger scale but still in handwoven form. I like the idea of producing minimal runs of fabric in my home studio as this seems to be the most sustainable way of working for me. I am also hoping to take on commission pieces as I am currently unable to do this.

September is creeping forward, and there is a definite chill in the air. I believe that we may well have one last burst of warm weather this week before we can all crack on with the season of Strictly and knitwear. I personally love September. I always make my big plans for the year and feel energised with the change of season and back to school vibe.

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