Handwoven woollen cushions inspired by a love of festivals.

I first started designing the festival cushions in 2013 as part of the diploma I completed at the Handweavers Studio. We were tasked with developing a range of homewares for a client brief, and I wrote that client as if it were me.

My first experience of a music festival was Glastonbury 2007. Despite the constant mud and rain I completely fell in love with the whole experience. I loved the freedom I felt about wearing ridiculous outfits and smothering my face with glitter in a very non-youtube tutorial way. I have always enjoyed watching live music and found the wealth of different styles at Glastonbury left me with a whole host of new bands to follow. And of course, who doesn't love jumping in muddy puddles.

After that first Glastonbury, I asked my now husband if we could skip the sunny summer holidays on the beach for a tour of as many festivals as we could cope with. And it rained, oh so much. The horizontal rain at Beautiful Days was a definite low point, but I am always impressed with how everybody just digs their muddy heels in and gets on with having fun.

I wanted the collection to show the contrast between the mud and the specific glamour of festivals. There is plenty of neon on show at these events, so that became the central theme of the designs. I wanted to show the neon peeking through the darker wool as though it was wrapping itself up against the inclement weather. The neon looking through the grey and blue cloth is also a reflection of how the more outgoing side of my personality comes to the fore at festivals. Usually a shy person, I feel at home surrounded by friends and strangers all coming together to enjoy the music and people.

I am currently reweaving a few of the designs to make up into cushions after almost selling out of my current stock. If you would like to know when these will be ready or if you would like to put in a request then email me. I am also planning on trying to redevelop the fabric to make up other products. I love redeveloping ideas like this to create newness. Stay tuned over on my Instagram as I will be showcasing any new developments there in the new year.

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