Woven Textiles. Designed in London. Made in Britain.

Introducing the new Coastal Collection blankets…

By Cecil was launched in January 2018 by Cecilia Child to create modern textiles using traditional techniques. Cecilia aims to provide an alternative to today’s mass-produced and environmentally damaging textiles and exists to demonstrate the best of British industry.  

Cecilia creates woven textiles that are low impact, sustainable and made to last and are designed on a handloom in her North London home. She draws inspiration from the landscapes of Shropshire, the rugged British coastline, and the modern architecture surrounding her home in London.  Each collection is designed with colour and textures found in everyday life.

Every piece is created as a one-off bespoke handwoven item, perfect for any home, as a reflection of Cecilia's desire to create heirloom pieces. They are unique and woven by hand and are available through the online shop. Learn more about the hand weaving process here.

The collection of merino wool scarves are woven by a micro mill in Bristol as a part of a limited edition run. There are between 9 and 18 of each design made and are available now in the shop. If you are a retailer interested in stocking these collections, please contact me here.